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Joseph Tramontana

Joseph Tramontana

Joseph J Tramontana is from Hamilton Township NJ. Mr. Tramontana currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for OnPoint Education Network. Onpoint manages charter schools and private schools all over the USA. These professionals also strengthen declining schools through efficiently handling their financial resources. Mr. Tramontana has more than two decades of executive-level expertise. In his prior positions, he worked as Business Administrator and Chief Financial Officer for the Hamilton Township School District. Hamilton is the 7th biggest school district in the State Of New Jersey. There are approximately 14,000 students and 1,800 workers. The budget in Hamilton is over two hundred million dollars. The school district is over forty square miles while the Township has a population of over 90,000 people. The operation of the school district is substantial and complex. Mr. Tramontana directly supervised employees in the business department. The business office consisted of the Finance Department, Facilities Department, Technology and Operations. Mr. Tramontana achieved lots of success in his position.

These achievements include an AA+ Bond rating from Standard and Poors. They indicated, in their report, that Mr. Tramontana demonstrated strong financial leadership. Furthermore, Joseph Tramontana delivered perfect audits during his employment with the school district. These were six-month reviews of virtually every major financial category. An unqualified rating is considered to be the highest possible rating. Joseph Tramontana was also responsible for reducing benefit cost by over 700 thousand by switching the district to a different health plan. This resulted in the same excellent coverage at a reduced rate. Mr. Tramontana also is a qualified purchasing agent, holding a QPA license. In his capacity as the purchasing agent, he updated the district’s antiquated purchasing system. The old method of purchasing was very fragmented. Departments were not purchasing in a centralized manner. Each department was following different rules and regulations. Centralized purchasing assured that the district was following the same procedures which improved compliance. Mr. Tramontana also bid several professional service contracts for the first time in a decade. This resulted in saving the district millions of dollars.

Joseph Tramontana was also able to secure additional grants for the district, while significantly reducing utility costs. Mr. Tramontana initiated a district-wide energy conservation program that ended up saving the district over 12 million dollars. The program consisted of a six-month study of energy usage and past practices. The result of the study indicated the district could save substantial costs by replacing boilers in addition to installing energy sensors. Essentially the State of New Jersey gave the District millions of dollars for the purpose of upgrading its boilers and thermostats. The savings would end up paying expenses related to the grant and all the new equipment. The district will significantly save utility costs in the future.

Joseph Tramontana was recognized by the New Jersey School Board Association Insurance Group for his outstanding leadership in the area of risk management. The NJSAIG gave the district nearly $500,000 in grants for its award-winning safety program. Costs related to employee injuries were cut by nearly one million dollars. Regular safety meetings were held with administrators, union leaders, and staff members. Employees were also recognized for helping achieve a safe work environment.

Improving employee attendance was another area that Joseph Tramontana took on as the district’s school business administrator. For year’s employees, in the district, would use the entire allotment of sick days without being ill. This unfortunately led to excessive overtime costs. Mr. Tramontana took a positive approach to the issue. Regular meetings were held throughout the district identifying the employees with attendance related issues. Then a forward-looking plan was implemented. Quarterly attendance reviews were performed and if sicke leave abuse increased the problem was addressed immediately. It is also important to approach this delicate issue in a positive manner.

Employees that improved their attendance related issues were given rewards. The project was an outstanding success. Employees, that were chronic abusers for years, now had perfect attendance. The district wins in two ways. Of course, over time costs were dramatically reduced, but having a qualified employee on the job every day is priceless.

Joseph Tramontana additionally instituted an employee acknowledgment plan to improve morale and job performance. This program featured a group of union members and administrators that reviewed applicants to be honored as Employee of the Quarter. Winners were recognized publicly in front of their peers and given a lunch and plaque. The program became a resounding success and well received by employees. Within the public sector, it is difficult to pay hard working staff members, but they can be appreciated and recognized. Mr. Tramontana also developed an employee guide that reflected essential employee laws and benefits. This guidebook was without a doubt an immediate growth and is still used today, the thought of an invaluable resource. Mr. Tramontana also served as the district’s chief labor negotiator. In this particular capacity, he negotiated complex contracts with some of the state’s most powerful labor unions. The completed contracts were a benefit for management and the board. They were always completed below statewide and local averages and resulted in significant labor givebacks. Also, they were completed on time with little employee unrest. This is a significant achievement today where you read about a great deal of union and management conflict.

Joseph Tramontana is also an expert at health benefits administration. He saved the district over two million dollars in administering the district’s insurance program. That was accomplished by joining an alliance that pooled the district’s aging population together with district’s that had less mature staff members. This means that higher claims which were the outcome of much older workers were combined with the quality of younger employees. This simply implies that younger employees who get sick less were really incorporated with older staff members that get ill more. This reduces employee claims saving the district significant cost.

Joseph Tramontana is called upon frequently for his ability to reduce expenses and increase revenues. His clients are from all over the world and he is called upon frequently in difficult situations.  Joseph Tramontana enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Cathy and their Maltese Tiffany.  Mr. Tramontana is an avid griller, weightlifter and stock market investor.

Joseph J Tramontana