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Essential Leadership Skills by Joseph Tramontana

Leadership is a necessary skill but how do you master it? Every leader requires a remarkable amount of time and efforts to become a leader. There are certain traits and habits that make a leader what he is. Some people have to work hard to gain that position. Either way the position is gained after a tough struggle. A leader is never arrogant; although he is well aware of his position. You have to lead with your head and heart as well to gain the position. Great leaders are always self assured and confident about themselves. They have a strong sense of self-confidence but never even go close to becoming over confident or over efficient. The employees or workers are naturally drawn to their leader because of his abilities and especially his communication skills. They are always committed and dedicated people with strong passion and enthusiasm. The following are the basic fundamental traits of an effective leader:

Optimistic Approach:

The basic recognition of a good leader is his optimism. Even in the darkest hours, a great leader never leaves hope. Hopelessness is basically a failure’s trait. There is nothing impossible for a leader as he knows that he can overcome what is torturing him today. He does not only have an optimistic approach but he also plays a vital role in transferring this trait into his staff as well. This makes up for a healthy work environment and it is an initiative for unleashing the natural creativity locked up inside each individual.

Facilitate Your Team:

There are certain people who only work on their nature and abilities and hope that they would one day turn into great leaders. This is not the case with good leadership. You are responsible for providing and facilitating your team members. They are your staff and therefore, you have to cut them loose some times. Your staff should be capable enough to be bold and true to your face. They should have freedom for expression. You have to constantly support your employees and encourage them for a better tomorrow. Joseph Tramontana leadership.

Be Decisive:

You have to take this trait as a duty to be an effective leader with a good approach. You have to be decisive at all the times. You have to look at situations from different perspectives to be assured of the circumstances and consequences while making a risky decision. It doesn’t matter which company or industry you’re in, what matters is that you have the ability to make quick and easy decisions and you do not have to regret for it later. You can change your decision within a short amount of time, provided that the reason is highly compelling.


For people working in any kind of organization, it is important for you to work on your communication skills. Good communication skills does not in any way mean that you start acting unprofessional. The point is to raise your voice whenever you feel uncomfortable with something in the work environment. Good communication skills come with good relationships with the staff or the employees. You also have to keep yourself updated with the current situations of the environment. After all, knowledge is power. You have to provide two-way communication channels for your employees to actually speak up to you. Joseph Tramontana leadership


You have to be true to your employees at all costs. A good leader is responsible enough to treat all of his employees in the same manner. You are basically responsible for your staff’s performance. You have to keep a responsible check on everyone and help them in their time of need. The problems related to work should be discussed in a professional manner and therefore, you have to find the solutions to them quickly and efficiently. When something goes wrong, be sure not to degrade your staff by blaming them, instead look for the solution to the problem. Joseph Tramontana leadership

Organized Behavior:

Being an effective leader, you have a certain set goal which you want to achieve. A leader always focuses on his vision and it should be an inspiration to him and his team as well. You have to organize the roadblocks to your vision for your team to see clearly what you are striving for. A good leader always makes full proof planning in order to achieve what he desires. You have to think of the scenario through different perspectives and it requires analytical thinking skills and research. Therefore, all of this can be achieved if you have an organized behavior.


Honesty is always the best policy. Therefore, you have to be an honest leader in order to flourish in life and career as well. The foundation of success lies with honesty and integrity. It is an ethical behavior which is responsible for the success of many people before time You can join the successful rankings of other renowned leaders by building your foundation upon honesty. You have to be honest about the condition of your industry with everyone, especially your employees, in order to gain their trust.

They Demonstrate Integrity:

The most important thing that an employee demands from his leader is integrity. You have to treat your staff in a similar manner, with no discrimination whatsoever. Favoritism makes you lose your employees. You have to remain ethical throughout your professional life, in order to be a great leader. They shouldn’t be self promotional, instead they should promote their staff members to encourage them to work better and happily. They might consider you ‘boring’ but it is advantageous to be predictable, so that your staff knows about the consequences. Integrity enforces the employees to be stable and relaible in their field. Therefore, if you have immoral actions towards anyone, it would cause you to lose your staff.

Some leaders are born effective, while others have to gain certain traits by working hard for them or you can practice or adopt those traits from another effective leader.

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